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Introducing Garlic-EEZ

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Made by Garlic Lovers for Garlic Growers

Made in Canada, Garlic-EEZ was created by a fellow garlic lover and grower in Dundalk, ON. We all know how much labor is involved when it comes to planting garlic. Save your hands, knees and back with our planter that can be driven by a small or large tractor. We also know that there is a very small window in garlic planting, and garlic is time-sensitive for planting, removal of scapes and harvesting. Get your garlic growing needs completed faster and easier than before with our Garlic-EEZ equipment.

See What Garlic-EEZ Can Do for You

In our opinion, garlic growers are on the rise, and it’s our mission to continue helping growers to sell local food products. If you would like to learn more about how Garlic-EEZ can change the way you grow garlic better, contact us today.